What is a Sour Blast?

A Sour Blast is essentially a blast of citric acid, the main ingredient that gives candy its sour flavor. And guess what? It can also be used on a snow cone. Often Citric Acid is sold in a powder form, but we have it already made in liquid form for you to use on your snow cones. The best way to evenly distribute the sour liquid throughout the snow cone is to spray it on with a spray bottle. When you are filling up your cup with snow, there is always the halfway point before putting on the final topping of snow. That's a perfect time to add one spray of citric acid to your snow cone. Once you have filled your snow cone up the rest of the way, then you can do one more spray on top. You can try it out on any flavor you choose (maybe not coffee).

Some people offer a sour blast for free, but you might consider charging an extra $0.25 or $0.50 for this. This can be a way to make some extra cash while enhancing the flavor of your snow cones.

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