How To Make Sno Shack Sugar Water

Ingredients needed:


-flavor preservative

-citric acid


Step 1: Start off by pouring 2 gallons of warm water into your 5 gallon jug. Make sure that the water is very warm or else the sugar and flavor preservative won’t dissolve into the water.

Step 2: Add 1 oz of Sno Shack Flavor Preservative to the 5 gallon jug, and mix until clearly dissolved. Make sure there are no extra clumps in the mix before moving onto the next step. If there are still clumps, be patient, and keep mixing. You most likely won’t have a giant spoon to mix with, so we suggest that you shake the jug for better results.

Step 3: When the Flavor Preservative is dissolved, add 1 oz of Sno Shack Citric Acid and 25 lbs. Of Sugar to the mix. Stir until completely dissolved. 

Step 4: After everything is mixed, fill the remainder of the jug with cold water. Mix well.

Once everything is mixed together, you can now fill your bottles with the syrup, and add your flavorings! Reminder: Always use Flavor Preservative and Citric Acid to preserve the syrup.


 If you are wanting to make the sugar syrup in smaller or larger        quantities, the chart below shows the amount to add for each    ingredient.

Amount of Syrup Needed


Flavor Preservative

Citric Acid


1 Gallon

Fill the jug up halfway

2 tsp

2 tsp

5 lbs

5 Gallons

2 Gallons

1 oz

1 oz

25 lbs

10 Gallons

4 Gallons

2 oz

2 oz

50 lbs

15 Gallons

6 Gallons

3 oz

3 oz

75 lbs

20 Gallons

8 Gallons

4 oz

4 oz

100 lbs



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